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Bob LaGarde's Road Trip through Central America

May 04, 2016

I recently set out to republish my 2010 travel blog to my current blog site. I'm updating all the articles as I go and adding photos to better convey what a powerful experience it was to drive the length of Central America.  
Part 1 of the series covers the lead up to the trip and the drive to Laredo, Texas, the spot that I picked for crossing into Mexico.  Part 2 covers my five days in Mexico with stops in LinairesTampico, Veracruz, and San Cristobal.  Part 2 covers Guatemala with stops in Huehuetenango, and my remarkable two nights with a new found friend at a small hotel outside of Escuintla. 

I'll be posting the rest of the trip over the next few weeks so be sure to stay-tuned for more updates.  In the meantime, to read all about the trip, as well as my year and half living on the water in my Carver 580 Voyager just check out my blog site,